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RBC Pet Care offers flexible and personalised solutions to customers living in Banbury and the surrounding villages.

Day care dogs

Dog Day Care

If you face a long day at work and are worried about getting back on time or your dog is destructive if left for long periods, why not try our Day Care service? We normally collect your dog between 8.15am and 9.15am  and make sure they have walks and company while you are away, returning them home again between 4pm and 5pm. In exceptional circumstances we may be able to keep them later for a small charge.

Dog Walking

Our dogs are walked at safe locations away from traffic and livestock. These include walks over the countryside on permitted pathways, in our rented field and in our securely fenced paddocks. Your dog may be longlined to start with whilst we work with them to build a bond and a reliable recall around distractions e.g. wildlife, cyclists, other dogs etc. We collect your eager dog and drop them home again happy, tired and mud free!

Dogs running in water
Home boarding

Dog Holidays

We offer home boarding to our regular day-care customers. For a small additional charge we can keep them overnight during the week if you are going to be late back from work. If you are going on holiday or a shorter weekend break your dog can stay with us in our home while you are away.

Typical Day for Home Boarders/Daycare

Toileting, followed by Morning Meal – 6.30 am to allow plenty of time for food to digest before the morning exercise

Usual daycare collections between 8-9am (weather depending)

Morning: Exercise – Group Walk of between 45 and 60 minutes with dogs of similar energy needs (on or off lead as agreed with owner and in safe environment e.g. our rented field)

Play period followed by a quiet time

Afternoon: Exercise – Group Walk of at least 30 minutes

Mid Afternoon: Play/Socialisation – Participating in activities within a group or individually depending on fitness and age e.g. Agility, Ball, Search & Find, Scent work, toys. We have access to a rented field as well as 6 acres of our own private land with secure fenced paddocks.

Daily grooming and health check followed by rest period

Toileting, followed by Afternoon meal around 4.00pm with collection or drop off between 4-5pm for our daycare dogs.


The fees below are the standard fees for our more popular services. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement or need any further details.

We are moving to a fixed monthly fee for regular customers with a guaranteed place on specific days each week throughout the year. Please contact us for details.

Additional charges for collection outside Banbury and for puppies & young dogs apply.

  • Dog walking £18
  • Dog boarding £35
  • Dog daycare (half day) £22
  • Dog daycare (full day) £30
  • Visits for feeding £15
  • Training £30 per hr

VAT at 20% will be added all prices above.

Sadly we cannot take bitches in season, post operative or lame dogs or if they are coughing.

Prices reviewed in response inflation and increases in our operating costs.